God lives in the random errors.

VORONOYS is a team composed by four statisticians and a political scientist. It begins motivated by the first CEPESP Data challenge, in which the main objective was to show new perspectives on the Brazilian elections. The name is based on the mathematical technique used in this work called Voronoi tessellation.
Project Arouca
The Arouca Platform is a project that aimed at visualize the health professionals' locations and identify regions with low rate of medical assistance. The Arouca Platform is a database that aggregates information about health professionals from Brazilian National Healthcare System, known as the Unified Health System (Portuguese: Sistema Único de Saúde, SUS). In this platform are available data from professional's historical educational. For instance, where the professional graduated and which city is working currently.
Programa SUS
`Programa SUS` is a system that aimed to support the general planning of the SUS health actions and services. This planning is a process of negotiation and regional bipartite agreement between the managers of the same state (UF) or different states (UFs) (interstate). The `Programa SUS` role is to give support to the managers of the whole levels in their planning decision. For example, it provides parameters derived from historical time series and auxiliary source, ensuring the budgetary and capacity constraints.
The InfoSAS Research Project funded by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. The aim was to develop an automatic system to carry out surveillance and monitoring of health benefits payments by the central government. The project's purpose is to detect anomalies and possible frauds in Brazil's Health System.
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